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BUZZi, your reward based product review platform.

BUZZi allows you to share your stories and product reviews with the BUZZi community to help members discover the best products for them.

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Share reviews with the BUZZi community

Provide honest reviews to help our community members find the right product for them.

Discover new products

The best recommendations come from the people you trust.

Find the most trusted and valuable products used by the BUZZi community.

Make new connections

Easily connect with community members that have the same interests as you.

Follow members to see which products they are using and connect with them to share new moments together.

Earn rewards

BUZZi wants to reward you for the content you create in our community.

The more engagement you receive on your posts, the more you receive in rewards that can be exchanged to real money.

Additional features

1. Shoppable content

When you tag a product to your content it will become shoppable to the BUZZi community, making it easy for anyone to purchase a product directly from your content.

2. P2P sales

Have a product that you don’t need anymore but in good condition? BUZZi allows our members to sell their pre-owned products within the BUZZi community.

BUZZi products

BUZZi will first launch with BUZZi Kids.

  • Tech
  • Beauty
  • Kids
  • Fashion
  • Home & Living

Our Team

Meet the people behind BUZZi.

Hagos Alema

Full Stack Developer

Vincent Koo

Co-founder, CEO

Sang Woo Song

Co-founder, CEO