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We have a growing community of trusted reviewers that really know their stuff. With trusted reviews leading directly to the product purchase page, it's a win-win for all. If you'd like your product to be a part of BUZZi. Let us know!

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BUZZi also works as an influencer agency connecting brands with our trusted network of Baby and Parenting influencers across US and Korea. BUZZi works closely with your team to make sure the goals you have in place are achieved and your message is delivered.

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Influencer sourcing: Our network includes some of the most talented and proven influencers in the US and Korea. We will provide a fully vetted list of influencers with proven track records and specific to your campaign requirements.

Contracting: BUZZi will handle all the behind the scene work including price negotiation, contracts, payment and everything in between to make sure that your campaign runs on time and within budget.

Campaign Execution and Reporting: BUZZi will manage everything from helping you develop your campaign strategy to reporting. We make sure to on board the influencers so they understand your brand and goals, schedule every post, and report on campaign performance. We focus on the KPIs that are important to you and help you identify which influencers delivered the most impact and which content and channels worked best.

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