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Write the kind of product review that you were always looking for. One that covers the details parents like yourself find important. And since you earn reward points with every purchase made via your review, you'll find that posting a well-written review is extra rewarding. We've partnered with your favorite retailers from Amazon and Ebay to Best Buy, so you'll easily find the product you want to review. Post reviews and get rewarded for giving back to the community.

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Easily earn reward points

All you have to do is post your review and any sales generated from your review is translated into rewards that you can use. Want to know more?

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for creating good content

Write honest and thoughtful reviews that other parents can rely on and see your post on the weekly top post list. The more engagement you get, the bigger the reward.

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The reward points you accumulate can be redeemed for gift cards to be used at your favorite retailers.

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We've partnered with retailers worldwide, such as Amazon and Ebay, so you can easily find the product you're looking to review.

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BUZZi isn't just about reviewing — it's about shopping. Browse, discover and shop must-have products. And earn reward points by liking other great reviews.


How to write reviews that get higher engagement

Upload more than one photo

From detailed shots to photos of the product in use, as well as photos that show the setting, will provide a much better understanding of the product, and help others make an informed decision.

Capture it on video

Video content is more engaging. Video also lets you provide a lot more useful information than with still images. Capture your experience with the product as you use it to offer a more immersive review, and see engagement rise.

What did you want to know about the product? What kind of information would have helped you in deciding whether or not ot make the purchase? Include information and tips that aren't readily available to make your review that much more valuable. And above all, be honest. It's helpful to know the cons as well as the pros when making a decision they won't regret.

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