Here's how to earn rewards on BUZZi

For creators
  • Automatically earn rewards every time a shopper purchases a product via your review. So for every sales made, you earn reward points.

  • Get your product review featured in our weekly top posts and earn even more reward points. The more likes your review receives, the higher it will be ranked, and the more reward points you get.

For shoppers

Earn reward points by upvoting quality product reviews. Reward points can be redeemed for gift cards to be used at your favorite retailers, and you can begin accumulating them by simply liking the reviews you feel are the most helpful and well made. If the review you liked is featured as one of the weekly top posts, you earn reward points.

Earn even more reward points by being among the first to like a post — by liking a post sooner than other people, you receive bigger rewards.

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