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We recommend that the content should fall under our Baby/Kids vertical. However, since we are planning to expand our categories to include Tech, Fashion, Beauty, and Home & Living it is not mandatory to post only Baby/Kids content and users can post product related content from any of the verticals listed above.

  • Baby/Kids related product content categorize under: Clothes & Shoes, Room & Nursery, Books, Toys, Gear, Feeding, Pregnancy & Maternity, Baby Care.
  • NON Baby/Kids related product content categorize under Others.

Posting Guidelines:

  • Create a photo or video post.
  • Content must be a product review.
  • Linked product must match with content posted.
  • Product review must match the content posted.
  • Content must be written in English or Korean.
  • Content must be original content created by you. This includes but not limited to images, videos and text. Do not use any content created by another person to taken from another platform.

Event dates: August 16th - August 31st KST